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  • Early scores
  • Harvest reports
  • Dynamic maps
  • Last price update
  • Monthly price prediction
  • Fair price advice on release price
  • Newsletter with in-depth analysis (region, prices, industry insights, suggested readings, etc.)
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  • High-resolution maps for distribution on web and print
  • Time-lapse video for last vintage
  • Early score Chateau
  • Fair price advice on release price
  • Last price
  • Monthly price prediction
€3000/year Discounts available for data sharing


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  • Marketing & Price pack
  • Precision viticulture platform including models for diseases
  • Weather station with no maintainance required and based on a patent for long-battery life
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  • Early scores
  • Harvest reports
  • Embeddable maps
  • Last price update
  • Monthly price prediction
  • Integration via API
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*based on Liv-Ex pricing data and other complementary sources.


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